About Us

South Jersey Music Academy is the perfect school for you and your children to start your musical road to exploring and expanding your talents.

Private music lessons!

Choose between: Piano, Keyboard, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums and Ukulele.

Special group classes!

Theory classes, Children’s Choir, Recording Classes, Rock School and more.

We offer both the oldest, European method of classical training, proven effective for centuries in raising geniuses like Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach and many more, as well as the newest methods that are effective and fun. Your child is anxious to play and we are excited to get them to a level they can be happy about!

South Jersey Music Academy provides you with a professional and well-suited environment for learning.

Our teachers at the Academy are well-trained professionals that have extended experience in music education as well as many years of career performance. Through our dedication and passion for music we will make your learning experience interesting and progressive.

Here at South Jersey Music Academy, we take time not only to teach but also to encourage and motivate future musicians. We combine education with fun in a professional environment. We treat our students individually. We address student needs openly because we believe that every student’s musical talent and ability as well as set goals are unique.

We offer private music lessons, special group classes, annual recitals.

Call (856) 779-7077 today to enroll for Music Lessons!