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Voice Lessons at the Voice Studios! Ages 6 and up

Top Ten Things You Should Know about Singing!

  • Your voice is a musical instrument!
  • Everyone can learn how to improve their vocal ability
  • Learning to sing properly can give you the freedom to express yourself!
  • Singing is fun!
  • Learning to sing builds self-confidence!
  • Proper singing promotes good health, both physically and emotionally!
  • Singing relieves stress!
  • Singing is a heightened form of communication!
  • Most people have a desire to sing – even when done in secret!
  • Singing is a great way to make friends!

Everyone can sing! Some people are fortunate enough to sing well without any training or guidance. But even those lucky few need to learn what they’re doing right or wrong if they want to keep a great, healthy voice. Our voice is an original musical instrument, so we have to care for it like we would care for our own guitar, saxophone or flute. Also, your voice training is approached as you would train to play any other instrument; improvement is based mainly on practicing progressive lessons. In some ways, a new singer who approaches their instrument as a beginner is fortunate. A beginner has a chance to learn good habits right away before spending too much time developing bad habits that can lead to poor voice use or even damage to your voice. Your body will respond to whatever action is repeated, so good vocal exercises really can work to develop a healthy and strong voice. One thing we have to remember, like with any other instrument, it takes time and practice to develop the human voice. Keep in mind that learning to sing can be hard work as well as fun! Too many people give up when they don’t immediately get the result they want. Great singing is a combination of:

  • good vocal health and technique
  • ability to connect emotionally to your song
  • experience

There are two basic categories of vocal training: voice teachers and vocal coaches. The teacher and the coach cover different needs of the student and have different skills to offer. The Voice Teacher – will actually train you to sing by giving you step-by-step instruction. You can expect both breathing and vocal exercises that will increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility. Voice teachers will help you to develop your voice. The Vocal Coach – has a different function and is best utilized when you already have a certain level of competence as a singer. The coach will help you prepare material for performance or auditions by offering feedback on the presentation of the song.

Click on the players below to listen to some of our Voice Students

Green Finch & Linnet by Caitlin Schafer

You Lost Me
by Kim Irons

Lullaby of Birdland
by Laura Pennell

Here at The Voice Studios we offer our vocal students Speech Level  Singing Technique training!

SLS-page-photoDiscover the secrets to vocal freedom and artistic vision. Izabela Adams is one of New Jersey’s most  dynamic and cutting-edge vocal teachers, utilizing the revolutionary Speech Level Singing™ Technique!

The SLS™ method is currently used by more than 120 Grammy winners. The method was developed by Maestro Seth Riggs (see picture on the left).


Izabela Adams specializes in improving voice quality at all levels for all ages & genres! Whether you’re a full-time, gigging musician, a Karaoke champ, an actor or a choir member, getting vocal training with proper technique will make singing or speaking much more easy & fun! Start today – discover your authentic voice, learn to sing through your “bridges” effortlessly to develop a vibrant, powerful sound.  Keep your style and personality while you improve your voice!

The Studio is located on 6 East Main Street in Maple Shade, NJ, just minutes away from Philadelphia, PA. Voice lesson at  The Voice Studios aim to unlock the true potential of each singer.  SLS™ is proven to increase the flexibility and range of your voice, while smoothing out breaks, cracks or flips, and ultimately building strength, stamina, and a balanced tone leading to a profoundly improved vocal product. Speech Level Singing™ is the only vocal method that delivers immediate results using proven physiological knowledge that works with the natural mechanics of the human voice.

Izabela is experienced in working with singers ranging from amateurs to established professionals. Helping vocalists’ discover their true voice is her passion.

“My goal is to get the best out of my student’s voice – to provide them with the skills and understanding needed to keep their voice healthy, balanced, strong and connected.” “I enable my students to sing at their optimum level.”

The Voice Studios provide supportive and creative coaching environment for the serious vocal student. With Izabela’s vocal expertise and network of creative and music industry resources your voice and career is in good care.

Voice lessons are as follows:

  • For students 12 years old and under – weekly 30 minute lessons are suggested
  • For students 12 years old and up – weekly 45 or 60 minute lessons are suggested

All of our voice students are offered free choir membership! (no audition required) Our voice students perform at recitals, concerts, community events and more. Read more information on prices. For The Voice Studios website, click here.

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