Cooper hospital, NJ Performance for cancer patient.

Cooper Hospital, NJ

Children’s Group Singing Classes

Saturdays 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Price: $45.00 per month

Start Date: February 7th. 2015

(856) 779~7077

These classes are for children aged 5-7. We find that this age group will often benefit more from group classes than they would individual lessons. Children tend to do better in a fun environment where we can use tools like singing games to encourage them to explore their love of music. In these classes we touch upon the basics of singing technique so they create a foundation from which they can move into private lessons at a later date if they wish to. However- the main emphasis is on having fun with singing!

Kids Glee Club

Saturdays 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Fee: $60.00 per month

Start Date: February 7th. 2015

This group is open to children aged 8-15 who love singing and performing. Children must either audition for the club or be invited by their private singing teacher at the studio. We’re not necessarily looking for the most talented children, just those who are able to sing in tune and have enough confidence to sing solo in performances.

CLASSES FORMING NOW! Call to schedule an Audition! 856-779-7077

8-week Intensive Class – “Vocal Technique and Performance”

A unique combination of singing technique instruction and performance coaching with a Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor.

LEVEL I: Introduction to vocal technique and performance
LEVEL II: Application of technique and performance skills using advanced methods.

Contents of Class:
The singers will work on songs of their choice in solo performances accompanied by instrumental tracks:

  • developing a healthy and effective singing technique
  • application of technique on songs
  • style coaching (lyric and melody interpretation, phrasing)
  • performance coaching (mic technique, stage presence, projection to the audience)
  • intro to studio recording (one song will be recorded in a professional recording studio)
  • building confidence
  • each Student will work on vocal technique and solo performance skills in a supportive and positive environment


For more details CALL (856) 779~7077