Rock School, Rock Band Instruction / Organized Band Formats

When musicians play together they discover music together. Rock School gives musicians of all ages a place to make music and develop their skills in a group setting. It can be the most exciting time in the life of a musician, to bring music to life with others and Rock School sets the stage!

Rock School members meet an hour a week, in that time they address band business; things like choosing songs, discussing problems or suggesting changes that would make the band stronger. Band members spend most of their time playing and having fun.

The program is under the directorship of ┬áTom Adams, who has over thirty years of band and administrative experience that he happily shares in order to help bands develop quickly while avoiding the pitfalls that can lead to unproductive and frustrating playing situations. Tom prepares Rock School members for the fun and sometimes unpredictable world of playing music as a band with an organic style of teaching that encompasses; musicianship, band relationships, integrity, live situations, positive practice techniques and communicating well with and without instruments! It’s a wonderful opportunity for fun while growing as a musician.

Bands are formed through interested students of The Voice Studios, as well as, outside musicians. Bands work democratically to choose their name, songs and direction while being overseen to maintain appropriate material in terms of age, ability and theme/language. In order to prevent issues that can work against a team approach, Rock School members are given a voice and taught how to express themselves tactfully and effectively. Several Rock School performances are held each year, including Battle of the Bands, indoor recitals and outdoor concerts. This is where bands get to put on their show and grab the ear of a live audience by demonstrating skills such as; knowledge of song arrangements, tempo, eye contact, listening, and demonstrating energy through music!

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