Jeremy Sweet – Piano Lessons, Theory Classes, Composition

As an instructor, Jeremy Sweet emphasizes the importance of consistency in enthusiasm, patience, and flexibility in having worked with a multitude of students of all ages. Through an extensive study of music in both Classical and Jazz traditions, Mr. Sweet has achieved a diverse facility that allows for a multitude of approaches conducive to the guided discovery from which his students have benefited. Jeremy Sweet holds a Bachelor of Music Degree with concentration on Jazz Performance.

~ How old you were when you started playing piano?

When I started to play piano I was maybe four or five years old, but I didn’t start taking lessons till I was ten.

~ When did you know that you wanted to become a piano teacher?

Ever since adolescence I’ve taken great joy in sharing what I learn with my friends & family.

~ Who was your biggest inspiration ?

My nephew, Malachi! Kids are beacons of light in this world!

~ Do you only teach or you also perform?

I perform very regularly, most recently my trio was seen at Philadelphia’s Barnes Museum.

~ What’s your favorite color? 

My favorite color is brown!

~ What do you like the most about being a piano teacher?

Theres something rather special about seeing a student overcome a challenge, usually the challenge was approached with “Thats Impossible” or “I’ll never get this right!” but not too long after there is always a smile and a hint of wonder at how they overcame, and with no necessary explanation its the “I did it” moment thats written all over the students face that makes teaching such a great joy.

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