Here is an activity you can try at home with your child. You will need a few sheets of paper, a variety of writing utensils (markers, crayons, chalk, pencils, and/or pens), and some music to draw to. Try to find songs that are contrasting, such as fast and slow, cheerful and sad, and music from different genres.
Before getting started, talk to your child about the qualities of the different writing utensils and how they could relate to music. For example, does the color blue make you feel happy or sad? Is the fat marker “loud” or “soft”? Do short or long lines remind you of the sound a drum makes? There are no wrong answers, be sure to let your child express his or her ideas.
When you play the music, ask your child to draw what they hear. Your child may want to draw something abstract or draw a picture they see in their head; again there is no wrong answer. At the end of the activity, talk about what they drew. Your child can compare their art to someone else’s (yours perhaps), or to the drawings created to different music. This activity is a great outlet for creativity, and a way for your child to get in touch with what they are feeling. By comparing their art to others, you can help to teach your child about empathy, and how everyone feels and hears things differently. This is also a great way to introduce your child to different styles of music, and get them thinking more in depth about what they are hearing.
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